Purely Interactive is a digital creative agency based in Kingston, Ontario. Since 2006, our team of strategists, analysts, writers, editors, designers, developers, marketers, account and project managers have been providing digital interactive services to clients across Canada and the United States.

From small businesses and start-up technology companies to large multinational corporations and government organizations; we help our clients create and execute innovative interactive solutions to meet their organisation’s objectives.


Our projects follow a user-centered design approach and use a very flexible project process that accommodates all of our clients' differing requirements.

  • Discovery & Planning
  • Define & Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch & Optimization
The Boathouse Exterior
The Boathouse Sign
The Boathouse Board Room

Where We Work

Every visitor to The Boathouse agrees that this is not just the best office location in Kingston, but perhaps the most idyllic and inspiring office setting ever seen.

We work alongside a variety of small creative businesses and new start-up technology companies in a very collaborative and innovative environment.